Will Self
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Appearance type: Host, Panellist
Appearances: S34E7, S30E2, S28E7, S26E6, S24E8, S21E7, S18E8, S15E3, S13E2
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Profession: Author, Journalist

William Woodard "Will" Self (born 26 September 1961) is an English writer and broadcaster.

Will Self had 9 appearances on Have I Got News For You. At the end of November 2007 Self announced that he would follow Ann Widdecombe in boycotting the programme. In an interview for the December 4th 2007 edition of the Evening Standard, Self stated "I'm afraid that without the reality element, the programme has become just like any other pseudo-panel contest, where funny fellows sit behind desks cracking jokes. Moreover, in the post-Hutton Inquiry era, the BBC seems to have lost its bottle so far as edgy satire is concerned: the sharpest crack I made all evening — and the one that received the most audience laughter — was cut for transmission,"[1].


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