Jimmy Savile
Jimmy Savile
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Appearances: S17E7
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Jimmy Savile (31 October 1926 – 29 October 2011) was an English disc jockey, television presenter and media personality, best known for his BBC television show Jim'll Fix It. He is the subject of a police investigation into allegations of sexual assault made after his death.

Jimmy Savile appeared on HIGNFY (Have I Got News For You) once in his life time. He appeared on episode "S17E07" (28 May 1999) where he was on Ian's team.

Out-take Hoax Edit

Some time after Jimmy Savile's appearance on the show an alleged transcript of an out-take from the episode He appeared in, was posted on-line. The transcript is allegedly of two separate conversions involving Paul, Ian, Angus and Savile where they have meant to discussed the paedophile claims.

The transcripts have resurfaced in 2012 after different women made claims that Jimmy Savile had sexually assaulted them as children. Paul Merton has publicly declared the transcripts a hoax, first on a Radio two interview (see link below) and also on episode S44E01 of the series. Ian also declared them a hoax on the same episode.

Errors Edit

  • The out-takes claims Savile was on Paul's team but he was really on Ian's team.


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