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Boris Johnson
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HIGNFY stats
Appearance type: Host/guest
Appearances: S32E9, S30E6, S26E8, S24E6, S22E3, S18E
Broader curriculum vitae
Profession: Journalist, Former mayor of london, Former foreign secretary, Prime minister, uk

Boris Johnson (born 19 June 1964) is a former journalist, former Mayor of London, and former Foreign Secretary and current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Initially coming to public attention as a columnist focusing on scathing critiques of the EU, he rose to be editor of The Spectator magazine (1999-2005) and the Member of Parliament for Uxbridge from the 2001 general election to 2008. He is frequently mentioned on the show as his first appearance on it helped cement his public persona as a buffoonish eye-roll inducing caricature. The show became a way to endear himself to the public in a country where self-deprecation is an art form.


  • Series 32 Episode 9, Host
  • Series 30 Episode 6, Host
  • Series 26 Episode 8, Host
  • Series 24 Episode 6, Host
  • Series 22 Episode 3, Paul's Team
  • Series 18 Episode 7, Ian's Team
  • Series 15 Episode 2, Paul's Team